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Commitment to the Environment

Crites & Riddell Basics has actively pursued a green initiative for a number of years. As a company specialized in distribution and printing, Crites & Riddell Basics wants to make a positive impact on the environment by implementing a new program: "Go GREEN with Crites & Riddell Basics". At the same time, we encourage our suppliers and customers to follow our example.

Environmentally Preferred Product (EPP)

We developed an EPP logo to identify products that are environmentally friendly. We use this logo on Environmentally Preferred Products that address at least one of the three R's: Reduce, Re-Use and Recycle. We have steadily increased this range of products over the past five years and now are approaching close to a thousand items.

Toner Recycling Program

We offer our customers, free pick-up of empty cartridges that we then return to the suppliers for recycling. The revenues generated from these returns benefit the Sainte-Justine UHC Foundation.

Internal Office Waste Management

At Crites & Riddell Basics we only use 100% recycled paper in our copiers, faxes and printers. All of our employees participate in the Blue Bin Recycling program. Also, in our warehouse we recycle all corrugated boxes and wooden pallets. We encourage our employees to conserve energy by turning off their computers and lights as they leave. To become more energy efficient, we set our thermostats to the temperature recommended by Hydro-Quebec. We recently purchased a compactor, via one of our customers - RCI Environnement, to maximize the recovery of everything which is non organic. This is a part of the implementation of a complete recovery process in our company.

FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) Certification

Crites & Riddell Basics is proud to be one of the first FSC certified printers in Quebec since 2003. We are making every effort to improve the environment.

Computer to Plate (CtP)

Our Printing Department uses computer-to-plate (CtP) technology which means the elimination of film disposal, film packaging and chemical waste used to process films. All of our used plates are recycled.


Inks used at our Printing Department are vegetable based ink as opposed to petroleum based inks, eliminating the harmful volatile organic compound (VOC) that gets released into the environment, both air and water. We mix the exact amount of ink needed to print in order to reduce ink waste. All of the ink waste is recycled and reused.

Reusable Rags Program

Each week approximately 100 to 200 rags are used at Crites & Riddell Basics to clean our printing presses and any other ink areas. We store the used rags in a steel drum which is sent to an approved commercial laundry. The solvent from the rags is recovered by spinning the rags in a centrifuge and the rags are cleaned and reused.

At Crites & Riddell Basics we care about the environment; we accept our responsibility to protect the environment and conserve our precious natural resources for our future generations.